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Financial difficulties can cause serious issues for many people. If you find yourself struggling to pay bills, then your mortgage payments may end up getting pushed aside for more immediate concerns. Falling too far behind can lead to your mortgage company beginning foreclosure proceedings. Facing foreclosure can be a frightening prospect, so allow a foreclosure defense attorney to assist with your case. Maxwell is a reliable, honest foreclosure defense lawyer who is passionate about helping individuals in the St. Louis, MO area. He is a reliable attorney who will fight diligently to defend your rights and will assist you in this difficult time.

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The period between falling behind on payments and the beginning of the foreclosure process is known as “pre foreclosure.” During this stage, you will likely be able to catch up on missed payments, though your lender may impose a late fee.

In Missouri, foreclosure proceedings won’t likely begin until you’re 120 days overdue on your payments. After this point, you will receive a notice about the impending foreclosure, along with information about how to avoid it. Many times, you are able to reinstate your loan under certain circumstances, therefore avoiding foreclosure altogether.

There are two primary types of foreclosure: judicial foreclosure and non-judicial foreclosure. Judicial foreclosure is where the foreclosure process is overseen by the court. Typically speaking, this begins when the lender files a lawsuit against you. You will be required to send a written response; if you don’t the lender automatically winds the case. Writing back gives you the opportunity to defend your case. At this point, the judge will examine your situation and determine who the winner is.

Non-judicial foreclosure is a type of foreclosure that does not involve action from the court, though it does still require that an individual be notified. In this case, the lender must complete all the foreclosure processes required by the state, at which point they can repossess and sell a bank-owned property.

The state of Missouri has the option to use both judicial and non-judicial foreclosure. These different methods of house foreclosure—and the methods involved—can be understandably confusing and stressful. As such, it’s beneficial to discuss your situation with a qualified foreclosure lawyer.

Maxwell has experience as a foreclosure attorney and dedicates himself to providing you with reliable representation. He can help you come up with a payment plan that will allow you to catch up on your mortgage payments without breaking the bank. In addition, he can provide you with advice and guidance on how to proceed.

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